Buying Property in Clarksville TN | Guide to home ownership


Buying Property in Clarksville TN | Why Buy A House With Me in Clarksville TN?

Buying Property in Clarksville TN Buying Property in Clarksville TN. There are a lot of Real Estate Agents and Realtors in the Clarksville area but we are not all the same. Today’s high-tech world has left a lot of realtors and entire real estate agencies behind in the Technological Revolution.  Coldwell Banker and it’s CBx platform and me with my computer background will put you and your home search front and center of the game.  You will know ahead of time what is available, you will have automated tools to help you find the home you want and I personally will be searching and holding your hand through the process.  Buying Property has never been easier.  You will always have an “expert” by your side 24×7.


Homes For Sale in Clarksville TN | Buying Property in Clarksville TN

Here are some common price points and breakdowns that you will be interested in.


What is the importance of getting pre-approved for a mortgage? How do you go about getting pre-approved?  Let me explain the advantages of being pre-approved.

Escrow and Closing Costs

What is escrow? Are there any closing costs that buyers should be aware of? What is the process of purchasing a home? I will work these numbers up for you and fill you in on each step of the process.  Clarksville TN has several great local banks and Mortgage companies to work with that know the ins and outs of our area and its special needs.

Home Warranty

What is a home warranty? Is it worth purchasing?  I will walk you through which companies and policies are the best fit for your needs.

Relocation To Clarksville TN

Are you relocating to Clarksville TN? Looking for more information to help you find the right city and neighborhood for your family?  I have packets on hand for you even if you aren’t looking to buy a house but are just new to the area.  Stop by and see me, have a cup of coffee and pick up some useful gifts.

Our relocation guide includes the most up-to-date and vital information for people looking to move to our area. Email or call for a copy of the Relocation guide.

First-Time Home Buyers | Buying Property in Clarksville TN

Do you know about special programs to make home buying easier for the first time buyer?  Luckily for you, I do. I attend classes and meeting with different lending companies and banks to stay up to date on what is available and who would be the best fit for you.  Clarksville TN Home Buyers have some great resources available to them if they know where to look.